St. Angela Merici Catholic Church

Kids of St. Angela Merici Pray the Rosary - The Glorious Mysteries

January 26, 2017

In October 2016, in honor of the Month of the Holy Rosary, all the students in Kids Club, Edge and Life Teen were recorded praying the prayers of the Holy Rosary. All these prayers were combined to create a recording for each of the Rosary Mysteries; Joyful, Sorrowful, Glorious, and Luminous. We encourage our families to pray the Rosary together. You can use the recordings to lead you in prayer.

As we told the children before they recorded the prayers, when you pray the Rosary you are offering a beautiful wreath of roses for our Blessed Mother and learning more about Jesus' life.

For families with young children, you can print color sheets to help them learn more about each of the Mysteries and to help them focus during the prayers. You can find color sheets here:

If you are not familiar with the format of the Rosary, visit to learn more.

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